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   Jay-Paul Thibault has proven to be a succesful salesman focusing on B2B as well as B2C for more then 10 years.

   His extensive experience and training in business management, merchandizing and sales techniques, teamwork skills, and customer relations allows him to succeed with a variety of products.

   Jay-Paul Thibault's leadership skills at Web Marketing Ventures (WMV) and through out his business career allowed him to sell his stock in the company in November 2004 at a time of peak sales and move on to new adventures. He took a seven-month hiatus to complete a 9,300-mile bicycle tour of the continental United States - a time period Jay-Paul credits for enhancing his communication skills and allowing him the opportunity to set and accomplish a variety of personal goals.

   His assertive style combined with his ability to listen and comunicate with clients, enables him to close an above average percentage of sales and maintain solid relationships with his clients.

   Through his experience Jay-Paul Thibault has developed a strong understanding of merchandizing and sales techniques, a creative approach to problem solving, and solid interpersonal and leadership skills. Combining this with all of his experience, he still remains open-minded and always eager to learn. He realizes that one of the keys to success releys on solid customer service and his ability to put clients' needs at the forefront of all of his work.

   You need to speak with Jay-Paul Thibault if you want a sales person that will take your company to higher levels of revenue while expanding and maintaining a healthy customer base!

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